Bookmark Manager

The bookmark manager is more like a productivity app, it helps you keep track of items you find on the web in your browser so that you can revisit them later. With an app like this, you can save and organize contents to view later without worrying about losing them. Also, it allows you to access bookmarked content in browser new tab.

By clicking “DOWNLOAD NOW”, I accept and agree to installing the Bookmark Manager extension and setting browser new tab and default search to that provided by the service with search results by Bing, and the Privacy and Terms of Use

Web Page

Bookmark any webpage


Search bookmarked links


Make folders & subfolders


Save any web link online
Any web content that you bookmark gets saved inside your Bookmark Extension just one click.
Add / Edit Custom urls

The best features of this extension, we can add custom url & also edit our custome links as per required.

We can search every links inside the bookmarks using search bar.
Make folder & subfolder

My favorite feature of Bookmark Manger is its ability to organize bookmarks. Not only you can create different folders for your bookmarks but each folder can also contain lists of web links.

Free of Cost
Quick saving browser extensions & also available for everyone free of cost.

Ready to save any web link online.

You can create different folders for your bookmarks and also assign to them. Creating a bookmark is also pretty simple. Just you need to click on the “Add +” button, and the bookmark will be saved.All of your saved bookmarks are inside of your Bookmark Library. And you can search bookmarks using the smart search bar,

Bookmark Manager is a clean and easy-to-use bookmark manager with a beginner-friendly user interface. It allows you to categorize and organize items. As expected from a bookmark manager, you can access bookmarked items within single page or new tab. Ability to save any web link online & organize bookmarks into relevant folders & subfolders.

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